VK6RTH Tic Hill


Tic Hill has a new Fusion Repeater......FM analaogue & digital.  
This project was a very large repeater site build for WARG and showed that difficult complicated sites could be built from the hard rock up. Busselton was yet to follow but what was learned from Tic Hill helped build Busselton...VK6RBN

The call sign VK6RTH was derived from an existing repeater that had been operating in Perth for a few years, VK6RAH. In the early days only the last letter could be chosen by amateurs, hence the VK6RA... part of the call sign.

VK6RAH on the same frequency as Tic Hill (146.2 - 146.8) was a Pye F60, the same as the original VK6RAP. In fact I think it was VK6RAP re-crystalled, as VK6RAP now had a transistorised replacement.

VK6RAH operated from Wireless Hill for a year or more (from memory) but was plagued by intermods from a near by AM broadcast station and the local NDF aircraft beacon. The problem could not be fixed and eventually this repeater was re-located to my QTH in Lesmurdie in early 1978.

About this time the repeater was re-built as a solid state repeater using an IC22a.

The repeater then moved to Roleystone during May 1980 and finally, with a change of call sign to Tic Hill as VK6RTH, as the P&T department had released 2 letter options with repeater call signs.

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Most of the workers who constructed Tic Hill Repeater site

Many of the workers who built Tic Hill

Setting up for Tic Hill workers photo

And the setting up for the workers photograph above