VK6RTH Updates


Information on this page contains what ever site update information can be found. There is considerable work being done on WARG's repeater network and hopefully this can be reflected on the respective repeater site pages.

VK6RTH view of Perth

Close up of Perth From Tic Hill Tower...What the antenna "sees"
Photograph VK6TWO

VK6RTH new wind generator

The wind generator is operational and has a maximum output of over 20 amps, which it reaches even though the low elevation is not ideal. All indications are it is well suited for repeater sites.

The Tic Hill wind generator unfortunately has failed with the blades lying on the shack roof. The reason for the failure is not know by me.
Installation at Tic Hill of a Jaycar wind generator.

A small wind generator has been temporally installed at Tic Hill to supplement the power budget.

Even though not the ideal location, being below the tree line, it will be interesting to see how the generator performs.

A range of relatively cheap wind generators are now available and WARG will benefit from information gained from this generator.

The generator may well end up on top of the old wind generator tower if the damaged solar array can be removed.

The wind generator has failed for reasons unknown by myself.

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VK6RTH new power panel
A new power distribution panel has been installed at Tic Hill.

The panel is the control centre for the solar and wind generator power to be regulated and charge the on site battery bank.

The panel also provides resettable fuses and circuit breakers.

Picture VK6TWO

VK6RTH old power panel
And this is what the new power distribution power panel is replacing.

Much changed over the years but its time has come.

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VK6RTH damaged solar array
The damaged solar array at Tic Hill.

It is the intention to remove the array and use the space for either a new solar array or the Jaycar wind generator.

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