Tic Hill Equipment


Tic Hill has a new Fusion Repeater......FM analogue & digital.

The Vertex repeater has been replaced with the Yaesu Fusion Repeater.
Tic Hill houses two voice repeaters and one digipeater...

Voice repeater equipment

Vertex Standard VXR 9000V (2 metres)
  • VK6RTH 2M 146.200 MHz receive 146.800 MHz transmit   (Vertex Standard VXR 9000V)
  • VK6RTH 70CM  433.225 MHz receive 438.225 MHz transmit (Unilab KL450C/26)
  • 6 cavity 2M duplexer for VK6RTH 2M
  • 6 cavity 70CM duplexer for VK6RTH 70CM
  • DTMF controlled power on/off switch to equipment (except VK6RTH 2M)

APRS equipment
  • 145.175 MHz Tait 2000 with Argent Tracker 2 2OT2M
  • Omni directional vertical at top of tower 2m/70cm (voice repeater) Diamond dual band X50
  • WiFi antennas
  • APRS 2m 6dB antenna on Wind Generator tower
Power Supplies
  • 2X2 solar panels on main tower
  • 2 solar panels on X wind generator tower
  • Solar regulator
  • 500 AH batteries