Tic Hill Technical Layout


After the rain on the day of the big concrete pour Tic Hill. A very large job well done.

The site is solar powered.

There are 5 receivers and 4 transmitters at VK6RTH (if the packet system is running)

VK6RTH houses...
  • 2 metre repeater 146.800 TX 146.200 RX
  • 70cm repeater 438.225 TX 433.225 RX 
  • APRS 145.175
  • Packet 2 metre digipeater 144.825 MHz
  • Control receiver for the site.
There are two towers on the site....

The main tower is a 100' (31 m) free standing
The second tower is 30' (9 m) free standing (X wind generator tower...now solar)

There are 3 antennas on site not including various WiFi antennas, plus APRS on the wind generator tower.


There are two 80 watt panels on the wind generator tower and two 60 watt panels on the main tower.

From Bob's 6POP email dated July 11 2012.
 measured site power consumption.  At idle, 1.405 Amps, all eqpt on Tx 9.0 Amps.

This may not include the control receiver which draws 160mA.

Also the solar regulator would draw a small amount of current which may not have been measures. In round figures the site draws 1.7 amps.

The WiFi equipment runs on its own solar panels and battery.

VK6RTH layout