VK6RMW Mt.William


Located 100km south of Perth, Mt. William was WARG's third 2M repeater and WARG's first repeater located outside of Perth. Mt. William is 484m (1600') high and offers wide area coverage, particularly of the coastal plain.

Installing a repeater way outside the Perth area was a new venture for WARG as the primary maintenance was done from Perth, a long drive. The original repeater was a VHF Group transceiver, the same as VK6RAP. The repeater also used a duplexer, adding an extra level of complexity.

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Original VK6RMW

The original repeater installed at Mt.William VK6RMW was a VHF Group FM transceiver mounted in the di-cast boxes as shown in the photograph above. As you can see it took up a lot of space and was later moved to sit on the floor under the bench so commercial equipment could be added to the rack.

The repeater worked okay with the odd issue for a number of years before it was replaced with the current repeater an FM880.

Aerial view of Mt.William