VK6RMW Equipment


Mt.William  houses one voice repeaters and one digipeater...
The site is mains powered.

Voice repeater equipment
  • VK6RMW 2M FM880 146.300 MHz receive 146.900 MHz transmit
  • 6 cavity 2M duplexer for VK6RTH 2M
Packet equipment
  • Packet digipeater FM880 144.750 MHz
  • Single bandpass cavity filter 144.750 MHz
  • Side mount 2M commercial folded dipole near top of tower (voice repeater)
  • 2M Dipole 40' up tower (was digipeater)
  • 5 element vertical beam mounted on cabinet pole pointing at Bunbury
  • 2M vertical omni mounted on cabinet pole
Power Supplies
  • 240V mains meter and resetable fuses
  • Mains 12V 20 Amp regulated battery float charger
  • 200 AH batteries

Inside VK6RMW cabinet

Inside the VK6RMW Mt.William repeater cabinet