VK6RKN Kellerberrin

147.325 - 147.925 (+ve off set)
No CTCSS required on input

The original VK6RKN repeater was replaced with a Yaesu Fusion analogue FM - digital C4FM repeater during 2016. The repeater is locked in FM only at the moment. This was thought best due to the remote location of the repeater and little or no C4FM activity in the area.

The repeater is also linked into the AllStar network.

The site is mains powered.

More history and information is being sort

Just visible the mast at VK6RKN

Ray VK6ZRW installing the Yaesu repeater
In the red box is a complete analogue TV transmitter no longer in use.

The copper pipes are VK6RKN's WARG duplexer for VK6RKN.
They look like the original VK6RLM ones, which were a proto type before WARG
built 11 sets of these duplexers.

Voice repeater at top and APRS system below

Antenna in red circle