VK6RMS Equipment


With 5 receivers and 5 transmitters at Mt.Saddleback a lot
has been done with the limited cabinet and tower space.

The site is mains powered with 12V battery backup.

Voice repeater equipment
  • VK6RMS 2M FM828 in rack mounting box 147.850 RX 147.250 TX
  • Tait UHF link transceiver
  • 6 cavity 2M duplexer
  • Single cavity 2M (147.850) filter to reduce pager & packet interference
  • Single cavity UHF filter for 438.525 MHz WIA news link receiver
Packet equipment
  • FM880 148.850 MHz packet digipeater
  • 2M bandpass cavity filter (148.850)
  • 430.050 MHz UHF transceiver for packet link to Katanning
  • 440.050 MHz UHF transceiver for packet link to Perth
  • Two GST-1 dual band 2M/70CM omni directional.
Power supplies
  • 12V 20 amp regulated supply (float charges batteries)
  • 300 AH batteries inside fridge cabinet behind main equipmet cabinet

VK6RMS equipment inside cabinet

VK6RMS cabinet showing equipment inside

VK6RMS back up battery box

Behind the equipment cabinet is a chest fridge which contains the backup battery