VK6RMS Circuits


There are 5 receivers and 5 transmitters at VK6RMS Mt.Saddleback.

  • 2M repeater 147.250 TX 147.850 RX
  • 70cm off air link to VK6RUF Roleystone
  • Packet 2M digipeater 144.850 MHz
  • Packet UHF link to Roleystone 440.050 MHz
  • Packet UHF link to Katanning  430.050 MHz

The voice repeater is an early design using a FM828 mounted in a rack mounting box. The UHF link was originally a FM321 but was changed to a Tait transceiver.

The circuit is not easy to follow but is accurate. The control board was changed to a URC101 and the variations are not recorded on the circuit below, however the interface with the URC101 would be very similar.

Note the WIA news broadcast uses a CTCSS tone to disable the time out and CW ID and this CTCSS decoder has an audio feed from the UHF link and the 147.850 MHz input hence the news input can be feed via UHF or VHF.

VK6RMS 2M Block Diagram

CTCSS decoder in VK6RMS

CW ID bandpass filter

FM321 interface

VK6RMS Tait UHF link interface

vk6rms front panel circuit

VK6RMS time out inhibit

VK6RMS carrier tail mod