VK6RFM Fremantle


VK6RFM was originally VK6RPD and operated at WAIT (Now Curtin University) for several years. The repeater was housed at the top of the tallest building at WAIT. The call sign PD for Physics Building. This was about the mid 1980's. The repeater was built by the Curtin University club VK6PD (physics department)

Physics building
Repeater (VK6RPD) location at Curtin, the tall white building, the Physics building.

VK6RPD was located in an equipment space on the roof of the Physics building adjacent to the lift motor room. The repeater and its power supply were hand built by amateurs and housed in a wall-mount electrical cabinet, with the WARG-built duplexer standing on the floor alongside.

After several years, maintenance access became more difficult - almost impossible - due to a change in building management, and it was decided to remove VK6RPD from Curtin. The opportunity to do this arose when a WARG member, who worked for a radio service provider, was sent to Curtin to maintain some other equipment located in the same space as VK6RPD. This amateur was able to remove VK6RPD, duplexer and antenna, without being challenged. Not an easy task, as all equipment had to be taken down a short ladder, a flight of stairs and past several offices to reach the lift.

A new site was found and the repeater was re-located to the old Port Authority building over looking Fremantle Port near the Fremantle bridge, changing the transceiver to an FM880 type in the process.  The call-sign was changed from VK6RPD to VK6RFM.

Old Fremantle Port Authority building

Once again access issues at this location resulted in yet another re-location Don's VK6UT's QTH.

The repeater then moved to Bob VK6KW's QTH where it is located today (2015).

The repeater was an FM880 and information about this repeater can be found here

The repeater changed to a Yaesu Fusion repeater in May 2015.

Fusion Repeater VK6RFM

Battery bank at VK6RFM