A number of videos exist showing site explorations and repeater site constructions during the 1980s, WARG's most productive decade. These videos were taken on equipment many times larger and more difficult to operate than todays amazing HD video cameras, but do show some of WARG's activity, particularly site construction  of Tic Hill, Busselton and Cataby.

A lot of video was taken of the VK6RBN construction and as time permits it will be converted into the digital World for all to enjoy.

Much had been learned about site construction during the building of Tic Hill and Busseleton benifited from this, particularly how to put in large concrete tower foundations for the mast to be installed at Busselton. The mast is a guyed mast 150' high and required six 1.5 cubic metre concrete guy points, four of which had to be blasted and cut out of rock.

This video shows the initial construction of the tower at Busselton. All the heavy sections were transported from Perth on amateurs trailers. Each piece is about 10' (3M) long and about 9 were bolted together, which was to the lower guy point, and the plan was to winch this section up using a winch on the front of Trevor's (VK6MS) 4WD. Trevor had constructed an A frame as seen in the video to make all this happen. However the tower section was too heavy for the winch - 4WD as the front of the 4WD began to lift off the ground.

The system Trevor VK6MS had designed to winch up the first section of the tower using the A frame should have worked, but the 4WD electric winch was just not powerful enough. After some thought Alan VK6ZWH fired up the farm bull dozer and it worked as shown in the video.

During the 90s Packet Radio was the new must have amateur mode. As the digipeater network expanded Busselton repeater site was next in line to have a digipeater installed. A new run of LDF550 coax and antenna, along with the digipeater was installed October 1990.