VK6RBN Equipment


Busselton houses a 2M repeater
2M WIA news link receiver
Packet digipeater

Voice Repeater Equipment
  • VK6RBN 2M FM880 repeater 147.950 RX 147.350 TX
  • 2M FM1680 receiver (with GasFet pre-amp)for WIA news link 146.3Mhz
  • Time clock to switch on WIA news link receiver
  • Six cavity 2M duplexer
  • Single cavity high Q bandpass (WIA News Link) receiver 146.3MHz
  • Single cavity notch filter (WIA News Link) notched to 147.350MHz
Packet Equipment
  • VK6RBN packet digipeater FM880
  • Single cavity bandpass cavity filter 144.750MHz
  • 6dB omni directional vertical top of tower for voice repeater
  • 2M dipole just below 6dB omni (spare antenna)
  • 3dB omni packet antenna
  • Two 10 element 2M vertical beams for WIA News link from Perth 146.3MHz
Power supplies
  • 3 solar panels on commercial shed roof
  • Solar regulator
  • 200 AH battery