VK6RBN Circuit Diagrams


VK6RBN's 2 metre repeater is a converted FM880 and detailed diagrams can be found here.

The circuits below are those that are specific to the Busselton site. VK6RBN is part of the VK6 WIA news link system and is linked for the news direct from Roleystone to Busselton on 146.300 MHz.

The FM1680 receiver uses a GasFet preamp to improve the receive performance which is mounted inside the FM1680.

Also the news link FM1680 is only turned on during the VK6WIA news times and will include a circuit of this ASAP.

VK6RBN block diagram

VK6RBN block diagram with VK6WIA news link modifications shown in Green

VK6WIA news link receiver 146.300

VK6WIA news link receiver (146.300 MHz) Philips 1680

VK6RBN news link receiver circuit

VK6RBN VK6 WIA news interface contained in the FM1680 receiver that then connected to the FM880 VK6RBN


High Pass audio filter to remove the CTCSS tone from the Roleystone 146.3 transmitter.