VK6RAV Avon Valley

Frequency 147.275 repeater transmit.

This repeater has been moved to the original Hoddywell site.
The repeater is using a tempory antenna at a low height of 6 metres.


VK6RAV was not the first repeater in the general area, Hoddywell (VK6RHW) had been operational for a few years and was linked back to VK6RLM in Perth and also linked to VK6RWK at Wyalkatchem. The repeater was dis-continued from service and the new site VK6RAV was established 17th August 1997.

Frequency 147.275 repeater transmit.

The site was obtained by the efforts of local amateurs and WARG provided the repeater and some other equipment.

The site is solar powered.

Pictures below are of the VK6RAV site that is no longer being used


VK6RAV Cabinet next to the water tank

Inside VK6RAV

Inside the cabinet of VK6RAV