Roleystone Repeater Site Photographs


The photographs are not in any order but I have tried to keep them in some sort of Historical context.

Roleystone meeting
An early meeting held at the Roleystone site to discuss how best to install the F60 base station which was on air as VK6RAP located about 400 metres behind the camera on a Philips group site.

Issues like what to house the repeater in were being discussed as the hut shown in the picture could not be used. All we had from the hut was a power feed.

Close up of early meeting
A close up of those present at the meeting.

Russ VK6CV
Will VK6UU

Others unknown

The first housing for VK6RAP
The chip board cabinet with Igor VK6ZFG. The cabinet was built on Will's VK6UU front porch after much discussion as to what housing to use.

VK6RAP cabinet being built
Too big to be built inside and with no shed the chipboard housing had to be built on the front verandah. The two round holes at the top are for two extractor fans, as the F60 base station produced a far bit of heat. The letter box opening is the cable entry.

Roleystone garden shed
The Roleystone garden shed that originally was placed over the chip board cabinet to protect it from the weather and eventually the chip board cabinet was removed.