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I have long had an interest in writing and what you write best about is what you know best. For me it is electronics and in particular radio, and even more particular voice repeaters, as used in Amateur Radio.

I'm not a good writer, as my spelling and grammar is poor, but with the advent of computers it has been made easy. Yes the grammar may be poor, but at least you get a chance to correct it as best you can, and the spelling is largely taken care of by spell checkers.

My first attempts were well before there were personal computers in the early 1970s when I wrote "The Bulletin" the added VK6 WIA addition to Amateur Radio Magazine, for a period of time. "The Bulletin" was not within Amateur Radio Magazine, but a separate number of pagers that came in the post, along with AR magazine. Sadly I kept none of "The Bulletin" but it was an effort as it was written by hand and then sent to who ever and it was then typed for inclusion with AR magazine.

My next attempt at writing was when I began a column in Amateur radio Magazine, February 1990, first called "Repeaters". My driving reason was that there was little or no regular repeater information within AR magazine.  A small column had been written by Ken Jewell and Peter Mill for a number of years but that ceased.

My first column is below and was written on an electronic type writer that had very limited editing ability and no spell checker. The resulting column was then printed out from the electronic type writer then posted to AR magazine...How times have changed.

Repeater Link ran for 10 years and the intention of these web pages is to reproduce some of the technical articles, that appeared in the Repeater Link column.
Repeater Link No one

Repeater Link first column, February 1990, Amateur Radio Magazine

Repeater Audio Mixer             How to mix all the various audios in a repeater
6 metre cavity duplexer            Full size two cavity 6 metre duplexer
True FM                                    High quality FM for the voice repeater
Portable Repeater Spacing      Wider frequency spacing for portable repeaters
A Better Squelch                       Two squelches are better than one
Pagers                                        How to reduce pager interference in a repeater
Repeater Audio                         Repeater audio quality
User Audio Levels                    The variations of users audio
Pager Notch Filter                     Using a cavity filter to notch out pagers
Pager Problems                          Pager Problems & very High Q Cavity Filters
Vertical Aerial Separation         Split Aerial repeater & how much is required
Simple duplexer alignment        How to use a SWR meter to align a 2m duplexer
Solar Logic                                 Simple circuit to detect if solar panels have failed
For Sale                                      Front end crystal filter for sale & investigation costs