WARG was almost always short on money. Membership was well supported but there was always the need for more money. Several raffles were successfully run over the years but any source of cash was looked at.

When a large security wire fence was available for removal at Moora, 200 kilometres NNE of Perth, several WARG members, with trailers in tow, headed to a property near Moora to remove the fence. An over night stay was needed and club members camped in the bush near the fence.

The recovery of the fence had options for WARG. Sell the fence or use some or all of the fence at Tic Hill. The fence was never erected at Tic Hill and was sold.

Moora fence

The fence ready for pulling down and loading on several trailers

The fence surrounded at hut that was a remote HF installation..Note one of the aerial masts on the left of the photographs above.

Moora cement breaking

Left to right...Owen VK6OW  Douglas VK6ZMG and Andrew VK6ACP

Moora camp

WARG members camped over night ready to continue dragging out the fence

Moora digging

Sue VK6NSU with Adrian VK6CU digging

Moora trailer ready to go

Trevor VK6MS Douglas VK6ZMG and Sue VK6NSU

The next day the trailers were loaded up and headed back to Perth. The fence was never used at Tic Hill and was eventually sold.