Historical Photographs and sundries


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Australian related Amateur Radio History

VK6WIA AGM report 1986 by Bruce VK6OO President
VK6WIA AGM report 1988 by Bruce VK6OO President

Random collection of what ever I find.
If you have any photographs that you think are of our VK6 History please send them to me.

Historical Photographs

Fremantle radio club

VK6BO working bee

VHF Group 1955

VK6EC first TV

The cricket bat antenna

Adelaide TV

Jim Rumble



VK6WIA Council 1956

VK6HK & VK6TR portable


VK6BE's Shack 1960s

144 MHz transmitter
VK6BE 144 MHz transmitter 1960s

The two metre transmitter is what I used in the mid 60s through to the 70s.
The first valve is a 12AT7 reactance modulator.
The 6146 output ran about 20 watts on 144.
The transmitter sent CW or NBFM.
 Later I put a Class C high power final on it, home brew of course, using a QQEO7/50 at 120 watts and lecher lines.

Beacon antennas
Don VK6HK on left with Alan VK6ZWZ holding beacon antennas for VK6RPH ready for installation at STW CH9 mast.

Beacon VK6RBS Busselton...144, 432 and 1296 antennas plus 432 & 1296 multipliers in the box at bottom.
I believe the site has changed. Photograph taken about 1995 looking South.

Ces Whalley
Ces Whalley VK6KK...Photograph taken early 1950s...?

later photograph of Ces Whalley VK6KK...Circa 1960 or 1970...?

Wally Coxon
Wally Coxon VK6AG.
His first callsign was XYK in 1914.

Wally was foremost in the development of broadcast radio
 and amateur radio in Western Australia from the 1920's.
To read more about Wally Coxon click here.

Radio Society
Mac McDonald's (VK6MM) Radio Society of Western Australia membership certificate.

YAL Building Perth
The Young Australia League building in Murray street Perth, built 1924.

The Y.A.L. Building as of 2010. It is heritage listed.

1952 dinner
Amateur Radio dinner menu held at 618 Hay street Perth, 1952