FM880 Link Interface


The FM880 repeater has built in two link interface connectors on the back of the FM880. This means one or two links can be connected to the FM880 and individually controlled.

The repeater can operate with one link or with two links. It is possible to add more link ports if required.

Note the links share the functions of the repeater controller such as...
  • Time out
  • Carrier tails (if required)
  • CW ident
  • DTMF control
  • Time out reset pip
  • Link connection tone pip (lets you know link 1 or 2 is connected)
And the links share the audio AGC function of the FM880 to smooth out any audio variations on either of the link inputs.

FM880 link interface block diagram

FM 880 link Interface Block Diagram

FM880 Link Interface

Pin outs for FM880 Link Interface