Beard Tower


Beard Tower is located about 5km SE of Manjimup and at 200' (61M) the tower is the tallest all metal look out tower in the World. WARG gained permission to use the tower for a coverage test using VK6REE.

Members traveled to the site, mainly from Perth, and camped in the forest nearby to Beard Tower.

It was too difficult to carry all the equipment up the 200' so a flying fox was rigged and all the equipment...


Were hauled up via the flying fox. The duplexer went in two parts, 3 cavity filters for receive and 3 cavity filters for transmit. It was scary watching all this valuable equipment being pulled up the rope as the photograph below shows.

Beard Tower

3 full size 2 metre cavity filters being hauled up the flying fox at Beard Tower

Beard Tower VK6REE

VK6REE with binoculars attached

At the base of the tower there was a lot of loose galvanised wire and this caused intermittent desensing of VK6REE, crackle came and went with any movement of the tower or wire. However this did not prevent a successful test of the site and the coverage was good in the hilly forest area.

Much talk about how the site might be used but nothing came of the idea. Youthful enthusiasm often over rides the hard work and ongoing maintenance required at an isolated repeater site, but great fun was had by all and the repeater was packed up and returned to Perth awaiting the next test location.