North West Radio Society


Much of this information has come from Jono VK6DF who inherited material, photographs and documents, from the club. It is not presented in a particular order and some of the photographs have little or no identification. My recollection was that the club formed largely from the efforts of Mark Dunning VK6WV. More will be added as it becomes available. The club encompassed a large area of the NW of Western Australia.


1985 members

Dampier Club Rooms
On back of photograph "Installation of Dampier Club Tower"

The picture above is of the old Dampier drive in building, near Hampton oval / boat ramp. The base of the tower and gut points are still in place. The building was taken back by now Rio Tinto (would have been Hamersly Iron back then) around 2009 and is now used by the sporting club for storage.

Whim Creek Repeater
On back of photograph "Whim Creek Site 2"

Whim Creek
On back of photograph "Whim Creek Site 1" Obviously the same site as Site 2 above.