McGhie Family Tree


George James Roy McGhie, my great uncle.

Only my Grand Father William McGhie has a web page so far.
Second from bottom.

George McGhie

Born about 1780

Best Guess
Osla MakBeath

Born about 1780

Best Guess
Orkney Islands
George McGhie

1802 - 1883
June McBeath

1799 - 1881
Orkney Islands
George McGhie
Isabella McGhie

1829 - 1913

Isabella McDonald
1831 - 1914
George McGhie and Isabella McDonald immigrated to Australia

James McGhie
Catherine McGhie
1872 - 1948

Catherine Knox
1878 - 1960

William McGhie
Margaret McGhie
1896 - 1959

1896 - 1966

William Edward McGhie Doris (Dot) McGhie William Edward
1922 - 2002

Doris (Dot) Mable
1918 - 2001

I have always had an interest in my family history. However I was told little by my parents and thought that tracking down my family history would be difficult and very time consuming.

With both my parents now deceased and having a large number of old family photographs, the time had come to do some thing with the photographs, but I could only identify a small number of the people in the photographs.

I made the decision to try out, so I paid the $299 and in just two days had discovered more about my family ancestry than I had ever known, most likely even more than my parents ever knew.

My Father's name is McGhie and my Mother's maiden name Layton. What is shown below is the McGhie family line straight up from my Father to Grand Father to Great Grand Father etc. I have been able to go as far as,

Great Great Great Great Grand Father who was born towards the end of the 1700's in the Orkney Islands.

The spelling of the McGhie name varies from time to time as...


I have gone with the most likely spelling of McGhie. The reasons for the name change could be many, but not all ancestors may have been literate and as such may have been told by people who did not know how their name was spelt, how they thought it was spelt. Also interpretations in written documents could also be wrong from time to time.