James McGhie - Catherine Knox

James McGhie

Catherine Knox
James McGhie is my Great Grand Father on my Father's side, and is the important beginning of my ancestry in Western Australia.

Together with his Wife Catherine Knox, were the pivital point of the McGhie family in Western Australia.

Please note what I have been able to discover about James and his Wife Catherine is ongoing and I have formed some knowledge about them.  However this may or may not be completly accurate.

James was Born 1874 in Pleasant Creek Victoria to parents George and Isabella McGhie. George immigrated from the Orcnys and Isabella from Northern Scotland. They met in Stawell Victoria and married.

Catherine was born in 
1878  in Moyston Victoria.

James McGhie Married Catherine Knox in 1893.

James came to Western Australia via Camel Train with brother John in 1889. Imagine travelling across a large chunk of Australia, most of it desert, in the late 1800's. This would be a story all on its own. I know nothing of the trip, apart from that it took place. The destination was most likley the Goldfields in Western Australia centred around Kalgoorlie.

Catherine came via sea passage in 1899 with her children.....
Helena (Lena)
William (my Grand Father 3 years old)

The jouney would most probably have been in a sailing ship across the Great Australian Bight.